We are a small band of passionate people who think big and do big work. We love to push creativity, break the mold and cast aside preconceived notions of how things should be done, but the fact is that we elevate things as far as they can go within the realm of very serious clients.

Quinton Dickerson

Co-owner. Politics. PR. Creative. University of Kentucky fanatic.

    Josh Gregory

    Co-owner. Politics. Government relations. Pilot.

      Mary Lee

      Creative Director. Account Executive. Writer. Dog rescuer.

        Rachel Allen

        Production Manager. Politics. Cat Mom.

          Daniel Luter

          Graphic Designer. Web Developer. Fantasy sports enthusiast.

            Renee Ebner

            Account Executive. Community Leader. Mom.

              Matt Williams

              Web Developer. Technophile. Veteran. Father.

                Zach Gregory

                Digital Media Guru